Veterinary Diagnostic Pathology offers pathology services poultry production, processing, and research, serving clients in the USA and more than 40 countries.

Pathology consultation and histopathologic examination are provided by Frederic J. Hoerr, DVM, MS, PhD, who is board certified in veterinary pathology and poultry medicine. He has provided histopathology for commercial poultry production and avian diagnostics since 1976.  Dr. Hoerr is a Distinguished Alumnus of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and trained in the laboratories of Dr. R.W. Winterfield (MS) and Dr. W.W. Carlton (PhD).

Dr. Hoerr was a diagnostic pathologist with the Alabama state diagnostic laboratories for 32 years, serving as director of laboratories until 2012. He held a joint appointment in the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, serving as Interim Dean and now Professor Emeritus.

Marty HoerrMarty Hoerr is the Laboratory Services Coordinator for Veterinary Diagnostic Pathology.  Marty accessions cases, performs the initial trimming of specimens, serves as the liaison to the histology laboratory for slide production, and provides administrative support.  Marty holds BS and MS degrees in art and education from Purdue University.


  • August Hoerr, BA.  August  provides histomorphometrics of gut and immune tissues when not performing on the accordion or painting.   http://www.augusthoerr.com/